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Our attorneys have successfully negotiated and tried countless DUI/DWAI cases just like yours; both as zealous advocates for our clients and as former prosecutors. We know what law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office are doing to prepare their case against you because we’ve done it ourselves. Let us put that that insight and experience to work for you. We will conduct a comprehensive, honest evaluation of your case by fully investigating its unique facts and the applicable law.  We will make sure that you understand your options, what the possible outcomes are and how you should proceed forward. We will negotiate your case with the prosecution, represent your interests in court, and, if all else fails, we have no reservations about presenting your case to a jury.

We are all aware of the harms caused by driving under the influence and it's no secret that law enforcement is constantly on the lookout for impaired drivers. Still, over 10,000 Coloradoans are charged with a drug or alcohol related driving offense each year. They aren't bad people. For the most part, they're normal, every-day, law-abiding citizens that merely made a mistake. Regrettably, it's a mistake that can have serious and lasting consequences

  It is your responsibility to know your options
                  and vindicate your rights!

The police, the prosecutor or even the court can’t and won’t do it for you. If you or someone you know has been charged with Driving Under the Influence or another drug or alcohol related driving offense in the State of Colorado, it is important that you call Greenwood & Associates  immediately. While going through a DUI/DWAI is seldom a pleasant or inexpensive experience, having the right attorney in your corner will ensure that you are not taken advantage of by the police and prosecution, that any and all available options and/or defenses are fully litigated, and, that your rights are vindicated.


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Greenwood and Associates is able to take most DUI/DWAI and other traffic cases on a flat fee basis. A flat fee, also referred to as a flat rate or a linear rate, refers to a pricing structure that charges a single fixed fee for a service, regardless of the billable hours spent working on your case. This way you exactly how much your case is going to cost upfront. Our flat fee schedule is as follows:

Offense Charged
Fee w/o Trial*†‡
Fee w/ Trial*†‡
 DUI/DWAI  $2000.00  $2750.00
 Class 1 Misdemeanor
 $2000.00  $2750.00
 Class 2 Misdemeanor  $2000.00  $2750.00
 Class 3 Misdemeanor  $1500.00  $2000.00
Unclassified Misdemeanor  $1000.00 - $2000.00
 $1500.00 - $2500.00
 Municipal Misdemeanor
$1000.00 - $2000.00  $1500.00 - $2500.00
 Municipal Infraction
 $250.00 - $1000.00
 $750.00 - $1500.00
 Class 1 Petty Offense  $750.00  $1250.00
 Class 2 Petty Offense  $500.00  $1000.00
Traffic (>4 Points)**
 $500.00  $1000.00
Traffic (<4 Points)**
 $250.00  $750.00

* Fees subject to deviation based on the specific facts and circumstances of your case
An additional $250.00 fee is required if the case includes allegations of Domestic Violence
An additional $500.00 fee is required if any count charged is considered a sex crime

** Excludes Careless Driving Resulting in Injury or Death
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